Promo is a marketing platform for Small Business owners built by Viral Foundry Inc.. The mobile first platform allows business owners to create, distribute, measure, and manage all aspects of promoting their business online.

With an ever changing landscape, it’s increasingly difficult for business owners and managers alike to know what marketing tools or best practices they should use. Promo allows business owners to get back to basics, and maintain focus at running their business.

“Forget the fluff, tell your story. Record a personalized video showcasing your product, service, brand, and most importantly, your personality! Give online customers what they want. Online transparency, the same experience they receive in person.”

Kenny Grant Kenny Grant, Founder / CEO

Promo is the only lead generation and e-commerce tool that allows you to monitor and manage Promotions across the web from wherever you are.

Before we wrote the first line of code, we knew this product had to be called Promo. Combining the obvious shortened version of the word promotion and what advertisers call a “short video advertisement”. A home base to launch all marketing efforts across the internet. We can’t think of a better name that encapsulates the product.

We're based out of Vancouver, Canada in the heart of Yaletown. To learn more about the team, visit our office, read our our blog, or better yet, send us a shoutout on twitter!